Industrial concrete coatings are fast becoming one of the most popular options for businesses across the United States and really, across the globe.  Industries spanning from banking, restaurants, and retail to warehousing and distribution are switching from carpet, tile, wood, and other textiles to industrial concrete coatings.  The benefits seem to far outweigh the minimal disadvantages.  When looking at everything from cost to both short and long term care, it is a no-brainer for business owners and general contractors. 

From new construction to remodel and renovation, a major expense and component is the flooring.  By using an industrial concrete coating, a business owner is able to choose to extend the durability and life of the concrete.  Some of the more significant benefits are as follows:

Increased strength and durability of concrete

                Concrete alone is incredibly durable but is also still susceptible to degradation over time.  By using an industrial coating, you are able to add even more strength to it so that it can withstand more wear and tear over the long term.  This benefit is particularly important in warehouse settings where heavy machinery is constantly driven over the surface.

Reduced Long-term cost

                While the initial investment may be comparable to other flooring materials, the long term benefits of industrial concrete coatings far outweigh its competitors.  Carpet, tile, laminate, and wood all have a shorter lifespan and need replacing eventually.  Concrete as a foundational material would only need to have the existing coating replaced and not the flooring material itself.  The process to do this is minimally invasive, clean, and quickly performed.  Typically, the coating is scratched or ground down with a dustless vacuum system and recoated immediately after.

Little maintenance required

                Whether it’s the responsibility of the employees or a hired third party to clean the floors, the amount of effort required to maintain and clean a floor with an industrial concrete coating is minimal.  Even for extreme cases, the most that would be necessary is a floor scrubber, which is only necessary every 6 months or so.  Routine maintenance includes sweeping, vacuuming, and simply mopping the floor with a product specific to concrete coatings.

Clean appearance

                There is a simple, mechanical, clean appearance that comes with industrial coatings.  There is not an industry that would not benefit from the appearance that an industrial coating would provide.  While it’s important to have a durable, long-lasting floor; you do not want to distract from the business itself.  As long as the maintenance is kept up on these floors, you can guarantee that they will stay fresh and good-looking for a significant amount of time. 

Hygienic and anti-bacterial

                Restaurants, hospitals, medical facilities, and food processing plants specifically come to mind when considering the benefits of industrial concrete coatings.  The need to keep a sterile environment is critical to the livelihood of these businesses.  The coatings are non-permeable so anything spilled does not leech into the concrete; rather, it sits on top until it is cleaned.  This creates an anti-bacterial surface   The nature of the sealers that are used in the final stages of each project is 100% coverage and protection against anything seeping into the coating.

  Increased Safety

                Upon entrance to a distribution center, warehouse, or storage facility; safety lines are one of the first things to catch your eyes.  On purpose, these safety lines prevent heavy machinery from crossing into footpaths and equally they prevent foot traffic from getting in the way of the machinery.  The safety of its employees is a top concern for every business on the planet.  By using Industrial concrete coatings, you can create safety lines that will last and be bright enough to be seen by both machine operators and people walking the areas.

Non-slip surfaces provide traction and texture that will prove to be very important in environments where there is a great deal of foot traffic, heavy lifting, drips, spills, etc.  Commercial kitchens, warehouses, distribution centers, and several other businesses would profit from having a customized industrial coating.  The non-slip aggregate that is used can assist in maintaining traction should someone come across a spill unknowingly.