Decorative Concrete Services

Decorative Concrete Services

Those who are looking for proper concrete repairs should consider employing professional builders. The good thing is that there are numerous construction firms in the region waiting to sign the contract. Although obtaining firms in the region is secure, identifying the best one remains a considerable challenge. For this reason, it is good to perform a comprehensive search. When in need of help with concrete repair Atlanta then you don’t have to waste any time because you can be sure Concrete By Design, LLC is there to make sure your work is done with ease. Here are several services that our well-trained staff can offer to make sure your needs are satisfied.

Commercial Flooring

The interior of a firm defines the taste of the company and flooring plays an essential role in giving an aesthetic look to the place. The moment you step into a company, it is the flooring that catches your sight. Just imagine the mesmerizing look of the flooring that takes your breath away. You would opt for best commercial flooring designs to lend a classy touch to the interiors as well periphery of your office. Best commercial flooring that we install helps you in using the latest designs, and this can express the theme of the office.

Concrete Painting

The best way to paint exterior concrete walls and other similar outer wall surfaces is by using masonry paint. Also, known as elastomeric wall coating or merely elastomeric paint, this kind of coating is flexible enough to handle specific basic movements without losing its bond with concrete and developing cracks. It incorporates individual binders that contract and expand with the wall material in contrast to ordinary exterior house paints that would crack and peel of under similar conditions. Masonry paints also serve to bridge gaps and cracks, thus reinforcing concrete surfaces. The best way to apply masonry paint is to use a high-grade roller (3/4 inch or higher). You can also use a spray but because masonry paints tend to be thicker than ordinary house paints and contain fine particles that could cause clogging issues, be sure to use the appropriate spraying equipment for the job.

Concrete Repair

Once the concrete begins to deteriorate, repairs or replacement may be necessary. Before determining the repair strategy, the cause of the deterioration should be pinpointed. At this point, you should contact a Concrete By Design, LLC. We can determine the repairs along with the materials necessary for the job. There are many kinds of repair material from which to choose. The repair process includes concrete replacement and structural crack repair by pressure injection.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing has become a trend amongst builders recently. Formerly only used as a sub-floor to be covered up with floorings deemed more apt for display such as marble, wood, and tiles, recently concrete has taken a more visible role as the versatile stage upon which a house’s pieces could be showcased. Polished concrete proves itself to be a practical and sustainable choice for wide spaces, and you need not worry because our company is good at this.

Stamped Concrete

Stamping concrete is a better way that we do a tin order for you to imitate the look and feel of authentic brick or pavement without having to spend as much. There are rubber patterns that create the impression of natural stone for this purpose. There are also ready-made patterns for such materials such as brick and cobblestone; however, sometimes they can look artificial. Stamped concrete mostly is patterned to look like slate, stone, tile wood, and other textures. Due to its flexibility, there are an infinite amount of design choices. Stamped concrete is also known to be an attractive and affordable alternative to using other materials such as stone, slate or brick.

Epoxy Coatings

This type of concrete has long-lasting coatings that can be used for a variety of floor purposes. These coatings are tremendously tough and robust. Homeowners frequently use this for their garage floors.  In conclusion, with the different types of decorative concrete that we offer at Concrete By Design, LLC, you can trust us with your buildings. We have been serving the south side of Atlanta for over 12 years. We can design and implement any concrete project for residential and commercial applications.

Construction Referrals

Ask for a minimum of five customer references in the past 2 yrs. Past clients in many cases are a great source for that concrete company past function. You’ll learn more information regarding them from the third person perspective. The much more references the contractors possess the more legitimate and dependable they are usually.  Many years of Encountering  a contractor with a minimum of five years of experience has been doing the company long enough to understand the dos as well as don’ts. They could avoid possible mistakes that may be damaging as well as costly. They tend to be more reliable as well as knowledgeable with regards to concrete functions. If you’re unsure associated with something, they can show you on your path. Confirm how the concrete paver may be active with lots of experience available before proceeding using the work.

Atlanta Commercial Concrete Services