Local Restaurant Concrete Floor Restoration

Local Restaurant Concrete Floor Restoration

Concrete By Design recently received a phone call from a local restaurant to come in and provide a quick, efficient, flooring solution in all areas of their restaurant; kitchen, bar, and dining areas. After taking a look and talking with owners, they decided to start with the most critical area, the kitchen. The owners realized that in order to have a kitchen that met the high standards of the health inspector, it would be necessary to take first steps by having the floors refinished with an industrial grade product by the Sherwin Williams Company. This project came with multiple obstacles; time being the largest one. As an operational restaurant 6 days a week, the downtime would make a significant impact in income. Because of this, the project had to be completed within 48 hours.


The first stage of the process was to have the kitchen floors degreased with heavy duty industrial degreaser and a pressure washer. There were also some areas of existing linoleum that had to be removed before the floor could be properly etched and prepared for the new system. The owners wanted the cove base replaced throughout the kitchen, so the existing cove base had to also be removed. Once the floors were degreased and the existing flooring and cove base were eliminated, the floors had to be ground down using a diamond blade grinder. The grinders took off the very top layer of concrete in order to create a profile that could be worked with for the epoxy system.

Epoxy Priming

Once the surface was properly prepared and cleaned, the next step was to apply a water based epoxy primer to aid in the adhesion of the epoxy system and to prevent out-gassing of the subsequent coatings. Once the general polymers 3477 primer was properly cured, the mixing stations were set up for the high build urethane cement system and cove base.

Choosing the Right Epoxy Application

When everything was ready to go and checked for accuracy in measurements and in products, the floor was measured so that material coverage and thickness would be achieved per manufacturer’s standards. The 4” cove base was applied using a cove trowel before the urethane system was applied. The urethane self-leveling system called Fast-Top 12SL is a quick drying system meant for rapid turn-around in high production commercial kitchens and heavy duty high traffic areas. The overall thickness of this coating is ¼ inch, which provides excellent impact resistance and great protection against oils, greases, and harsh chemicals. Fast-Top was applied with a gauge rake to ensure that ¼ thickness and the product was then troweled and back rolled using a looped roller, then the surface was completely covered using the broadcast method with a 20 mesh sand into the wet epoxy.

Creating Non-Slip Kitchen Floor

This is carried out in order to achieve a non-slip surface. Once Fast-Top was properly cured, a final topcoat, called Pace Cote Polyaspartic Fast Drying Sealer, was applied to the surface. This product dries in roughly 2.5 hours and is ready for light foot traffic in 3-4 hours making it the optimum choice for this project that was on a strict timeline.

Kitchen Floor Restored

The transformation of this restaurant’s kitchen floor was astonishing. The owners were extremely happy with the job and the time it took. Concrete By Design was called just days later to execute the next sections of the restaurant, the dining and bar areas.